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brandon aversano
Brandon Aversano

CEO & Founder

Brandon brings his experience from Deloitte, JetBlue, and Chase with a passion for leading and innovating in the tech industry to Alloy. He loves cooking, taking his dog for walks, and traveling.

Marcee Gundry

Head of Customer Experience

Marcee is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive coach, and business leader experienced in running both small and large enterprises. Marcee has deep love for her grandchildren, the great outdoors, and baking.

Ramon Khan

Head of Marketing

Ramon is a digital marketer with 10+ years of experience in SEO, eCommerce, analytics, CRO, content strategy, SEM, UX, and UI. Ramon loves spending time with his family, nature, and tech.

kayla booth
Kayla Booth

Chief of Staff

Kayla brings a unique blend of artistic flair from her Fine Arts background and practical experience in customer support. Kayla enjoys the outdoors, hanging with her cat, and playing guitar.

Why Choose

The Alloy Market

Alloy is your most trusted and transparent partner in the gold buying industry. With a loyal following of satisfied customers across the United States and unbeatable payouts, you can rest assured you’re getting the best experience and largest payout possible. So whether you’re trading in shimmering gold or sparkling silver, our expert team has got your back.

“Gold Buyers” have popped up across the board with shockingly low buying prices and poor customer experiences. With their offers of “bonus coupons,” “gold parties,” “gold mail-in kits,” and dubious guarantees, these companies convince customers to sell their gold for sometimes a mere 30% of their true worth. We’re proud to be different and we’re excited to be changing an industry that needed to be changed. 

In a world where

Honesty and Fair Compensation

Seemed like distant ideals, Alloy emerged. A company that not only pays the highest prices for gold, but also treats their customers with the utmost respect by delivering them the transparency they deserve. 

With global market spot pricing refreshing every 60 seconds, Alloy is a refreshing departure from the hidden charges and shady dealings of other gold buyers. Alloy is the answer for those seeking a reputable and trustworthy partner to exchange their gold for an industry-leading payout.

We are on a Mission

To Make you

At Alloy, we know that parting with your items isn’t always the easiest but our platform has made it a breeze. We offer an approachable and transparent selling experience.

Whether you are selling jewelry like an engagement ring, bracelets, necklaces, or pure gold bullion, we understand the importance of selling quickly and easily. With that in mind, our process was designed to be as stress-free as possible, with transparency, speed, and value as our top priorities. We buy your items directly without delay and you can get paid the very  same day.

Our Mission

At Alloy, our mission is to provide a customer-friendly and transparent platform where individuals can sell their gold and jewelry at great prices, supported by exceptional service and transparency. We’ll be there for you during life’s significant events that may cause financial strain, offering understanding, compassion, and a seamless selling experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the gold exchange industry by establishing Alloy as the leading platform for individuals seeking to sell their precious metals and jewelry backed by an exceptional selling experience, a wide network of trusted partners, and a focus on fairness and trust.

Our Philosophy

At Alloy, our philosophy is rooted in transparency, empathy, and exceptional service. We believe in treating each customer as a unique individual, providing a safe and trustworthy platform to sell their gold and jewelry. With fairness and compassion at our core, we strive to create memorable and positive experiences for every customer.

Our Values

We believe businesses can grow with a conscience and succeed with a soul.
Our core values define who we are and guide our every decision.


We believe in open and honest communication, providing clear information about the selling process, offering appraisal recordings, and issuing top-dollar prices for gold, ensuring transparency at every step.


Putting customers first, we strive to exceed expectations by delivering an exceptional experience, personalized service, and industry-leading value, building strong and lasting relationships.


With empathy at our core, we understand the emotional significance of selling gold and jewelry. We approach every interaction with compassion, providing support, guidance, and a caring environment for our customers throughout their journey.

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Did you Know:

Gold mining is actually one of the most ecologically destructive industries, wreaking havoc on the environment in a major way. Crafting a single gold wedding ring triggers a staggering 20 tons of mine waste, leaving a long-lasting negative imprint on delicate ecosystems around the world.

Regrettably, our insatiable hunger for gold is further intensifying ecological concerns, as a whopping 55% of the world’s total demand for fresh gold emanates from upscale jewelry labels.

When you sell your gold or precious metal jewelry to the Alloy Market, you’re not just pocketing a top-dollar payout – you’re also giving your beloved treasures a second chance to shine. Beyond that, you’re making a stand for sustainability, reducing the need for new gold mining and safeguarding the well-being of our precious planet and its inhabitants.