How It Works

We make the process of working with us as easy as possible. Learn more about how the process works.



1. Claim Your Free Alloy Appraisal Kit

You’ll receive your free Alloy Appraisal Kit in the mail in around five business days. You’ll safely pack and ship your items using the pre-paid, pre-labeled, and fully insured parcel included in your Kit.

Alloy has you covered with up to $100,000 of insurance and tracking from the moment you ship your items. Rest assured knowing your shipment will arrive promptly and in pristine condition. Shipping, insurance, and tracking – 100% free.

2. We Evaluate Your Item

An expert from our appraisal team will utilize the latest X-Ray fluorescence technology and acid testing to assess the purity of your items. Every detail is examined, but only your items’ weight and purity, not its condition, are considered in your cash offer.

We then factor in the current market price of gold and send you the highest offer possible in the industry.

You can rest assured that with our expert team, you’ll receive nothing but the best – and that is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. Accept Your Offer

You’ll receive an industry-best offer immediately after our experts appraise your gold. While there is no obligation to accept the offer, we’re pleased that nearly 100% of our customers do accept their cash offers.

Once you accept the offer, your payout will be triggered the very same day. Depending on your chosen payout method, you can expect to receive your payout as soon as the same day. 


Transparent Pricing

Alloy is proud to be recognized as the most transparent buyer in the industry. We offer instant estimates (with pricing refreshing every 60 seconds!) for gold, silver, and platinum so you can make informed decisions before completing a sale. Plus, unlike any other gold buyer, you can request to see the recording of your appraisal at any time. With Alloy, you’ll never have to second-guess your sale – our commitment to transparency ensures that you get the best deal possible every single time.

Why Our

Prices are Unbeatable

Curious about how we’re able to make such high offers for your gold? Here’s our secret: at Alloy, we only conduct transactions digitally, allowing us to keep our overhead costs to a minimum. We also have the best industrial partnerships in the world for recycling your gold. With over three decades of expertise, we’ve got your back.

Alloy is here for you. Our team of Alloy Advisors are poised to assist with any inquiry, no matter how big or small. They’re always happy to explain our pricing in more detail should you want to learn more.

And, the Price of Gold Skyrockets

In these current times, your old jewelry and gold and silver trinkets could be a surprise source of unexpected wealth in a very short amount of time. The market for precious metals is at an all-time high, so it’s the perfect moment to capitalize on the chance to sell and make top-dollar. Trade dust on your bracelets for cash in your wallet.

Our powerful gold price calculator generates a lightning-fast valuation for your items at any moment in time. Simply download our mobile application and provide some details about your item including the weight and karat. This invaluable information can also often be found from a stamp on the metal surface, typically very small and found by the clasp.

We’re Available

We are seriously committed to providing a level of customer service you won’t find anywhere else.
Reach out to us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help out.