Can You Still Sell a Piece of Broken Jewelry for Cash?

If you have a piece of broken jewelry, you may wonder if it’s still worth anything or if you can sell it. The good news is that even broken jewelry containing precious metals still has value and you can sell a piece of broken jewelry for cash.

While broken jewelry might seem difficult to sell, it doesn’t have to be. Even if a piece of jewelry is broken or damaged, it still has value as scrap metal. So, if you’re wondering “can I still sell a piece of broken jewelry for cash?,” the answer is definitely yes!

Should You Sell Your Broken Jewelry?

Although there might be emotional value attached to a piece of jewelry, the actual value of the piece can still turn a profit when you sell your broken jewelry for cash. Even though a piece of jewelry may be broken, it likely still contains precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, which can be recovered and reused by jewelers and many industries like healthcare or technology. So, if you have a broken piece of jewelry that contains these metals, you can still sell it.

Get the Most Money for Broken Precious Metals

When selling jewelry, we often think of shiny or new pieces that have never been worn. But even if a piece of jewelry is broken or heavily used, it is definitely still worth something. But how do you know how much your broken jewelry is worth?

The first thing to consider is the type of metal used in the jewelry. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are all precious metals that still have value even when broken because they can be melted down and reused. These metals are sold based on their weight and purity.

When selling broken jewelry for cash, you have to assess the amount of precious metal in the jewelry, not the state or condition in which it is in. Here is an example: you have a silver bracelet bearing the “925” stamp on the inside. You have had it stowed away in your jewelry box because the clasp broke on it, but you have never found the time to get it fixed and don’t necessarily plan on doing so, but now you need some extra cash for something else you want or need to do. The broken clasp doesn’t affect the weight of the bracelet, meaning that you can still sell it and get the same price you would get for the value of the metal even if the clasp wasn’t broken.

Alloy: The Only App Where You Can Sell a Piece of Broken Jewelry

The amount of money you’ll receive for your broken jewelry depends on the type and amount of metal it contains, along with the purity measured in karats or percentages and weight. Gold is the most valuable, followed by silver and then platinum and palladium.

When selling your broken jewelry, you should consider the Alloy app – where your broken pieces are valued based on the precious metal and not the condition they are in. Just open the Alloy app, input the details about your broken piece, and get an offer – It’s that easy!

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